Fun and Useful Gadgets

Fun and Useful Gadgets ecommerce site

WorkSkills and Tools
New eCommerce siteResearch, plan and design
Design and implementationCreativity and accuracy
Inventory management and salesWoocommerce, Stripe, Adwords

E-commerce design and implementation for featuring a range of consumer tech products. The site is based on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce integration.

The site features several different product categories including: Drones, Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards, Mini Projectors, Noise Cancelling Earphones, Smart Watches, Solar Backpacks, VR headsetsFun and Useful Gadgets website products and Wireless chargers.

The content is organised under two main categories: Fun and Useful Products.

While there will several cases of products overlapping both categories it is a simple and logical way to manage and find the growing content.

Due to the combined increased costs and significantly increased logistics caused by Brexit, this ecommerce store ceased trading at the start of 2020. 

Electric Scooters in Fun and Useful Gadgets


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