content design and editing


Editorial Consultancy provides a range of Content Design and editing services for every website. Effective and experienced user-centred Content Design, content editing, video production and writing. Experienced in a wide range of sectors including Finance, IT, Consumer and Enterprise Tech, Sport, Culture and Education. 

From working with one person growing startups to global businesses with thousands of employees, we have editorial experience at each level to add value and achieve objectives simply and effectively.

Whatever the stage of your business,  company or website, value can be added by improving your content, navigation and how it looks.

We can help you with strategy ~ planning your next steps, and helping you decide what type of website you need.

Content Migration
When you have a website that has been running for many years there reaches a stage when a refresh is due. This can be because tech platforms evolve making publishing and accessing the content easier. The simplest way to due this is with well planned Content Migration.

Accessing your content in a clear way is essential. We have plenty of experience creating user friendly navigation.

Content Creation and Curation
If you need regular content on your website we can help with content creation and content curation.

See a selection of current clients and earlier sites and companies where Andrew Swinton at Editorial Consultancy has worked at in a range of editorial, strategy and event planning positions.  Thanks to many clients for their kind Testimonials.

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