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The Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies content migration

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The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies teaches the history and lessons of America’s response to the Holocaust, through scholarly research, public events, publications, and educational programs.

Andrew’s editorial consultancy for The Wyman Institute consists of working with the original PHP site developed in 2002 and a more recent WordPress site created in 2014 but not used due to limited navigation and missing almost the entire posted content of the original site.

The first objective was to redesign the navigation to include missing elements while liaising with Institute board members. Additional work includes migrating 14 years’ of  content from the earlier site, while retaining the original url’s to maintain links for external sites linking in. The layout design was improved with an objective of keeping the gravitas fitting for the serious subject matter. The Wyman Institute WordPress development is still is still in progress, but nearing completion for this current phase.

This design and editing job for the Wyman Institute shows the benefits of updating and refreshing an existing but dated site. It is a good opportunity to include the most effective elements such as being responsive, resizing for different devices with a flexible publishing platform such as WordPress. This allows for a wide range of additional functionality for the future available through either custom development or via 3rd party plugins, if required.

The Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies


Wyman Institute, editorial elements

The David Wyman Institute For Holocaust Studies“Andrew redesigned the website of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, a non-profit educational institution based in Washington, D.C., in early 2017.

He completed the work with great skill and efficiency, scrupulously adhered to the agreed-upon timetable, and responded promptly to all requests that my colleagues and I made of him. In addition, his fees were reasonable, especially considering the magnitude of the task and the time constraints under which we were operating. I strongly recommend him for graphic design, multimedia, and editorial content consulting projects.”

Dr. Rafael Medoff
Founding Director of the Wyman Institute
6th April 2017


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The Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies content migration