How To Stay Safe on your Electric Scooter

Stay safe on your electric scooter ~ with these useful tips

Tips for staying safe with your electric scooter
With an electric scooter you have the best of both worlds:

  • Combine the ultra convenience of being able to get anywhere local without being dependent on public transport or paying cab fares
  • Have the ability to simply carry your scooter with you once you reach your destination.  No hassle having to look for somewhere to park.  Just fold your scooter, then take it with you and plug in to recharge when you get the opportunity.

However keeping safe on your electric scooter is crucial

With electric scooter tyres typically measuring 6 to 8 inches in diameter compared to about 25 inches on a bike you will be more vulnerable to road conditions. Follow these tips to stay safe:

    1. Hold the handlebar with both hands
      It’s not clever trying to steer with one hand and text with the other 🙁
    2. Concentrate on the road surface ahead
      Potholes that you see too late, loose gravel and slippery manhole covers can be treacherous for electric scooters. Listen for other traffic and pedestrians, not to your music.  A life may depend on it. 👀
    3. Wear a helmet and turn the scooter lights on
      Be visible and take care of your head. It’s not worth getting seriously hurt. 🛴
    4. Give extra time and space for braking
      Unfortunately electric scooter braking in some lower end models is not be effective as needed. 🚦
    5. Check your tyres are properly inflated
      Additionally give yourself peace of mind by using a puncture protection sealant in advance.Doctor Sludge Puncture Protection is simple to use: A single 250ml bottle is sufficient for both tyres. Simply remove the tyre inner valves (cores), squeeze in half the Doctor Sludge liquid inside each tyre, then refit each valve and inflate. The bottle comes with a tool to temporarily remove the core.

      Doctor Sludge Puncture Prevention ‘How to use’ video (click the image to see the video in a new window)

Below is a recap of our Top 5 Tips for staying safe on your electric scooter

5 Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Staying safe with your electric scooter makes a lot of sense. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of electric scooters just by taking a few sensible precautions.